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The pandemic has affected everyone in different ways. Whether you’re living on a reduced income or you just need to get more financial stability, here are 5 tips to help stretch your stimulus check and budget.

1. Evaluate monthly expenses.

Take a thorough look at all your monthly bills and eliminate unnecessary services or change payment settings. You may have set up automatic payment subscriptions for cable or streaming services, food deliveries, music, etc. While each service may seem inexpensive on its own, multiple service charges can add up. Easily track your daily cash flow with Money Management and set up transaction alerts using Card Controls, both free features in PATROL Online Banking or on our app.1

2. Go green.

Never miss a payment and avoid late fees. Set up online payments for your essential services including water, electricity, and internet with Bill Pay in PATROL and on our app. You can conveniently schedule a one-time or recurring payment.

3. Make a shopping list.

When you have a list of items to purchase, you are more likely to stick to your list than make an impulse buy. A grocery list helps prioritize needs over wants and saves time, so you shop more efficiently.

4. Plan your meals.

Food is a necessary but manageable expense. Create a menu for the week using some of the same ingredients. Make larger portions and save leftovers for future meals.

5. Live within your income parameters.

Don’t buy what you can’t afford. It’s easier said than done, but living within your means can help you save and become more financially stable overtime. If you want to reduce your monthly bills into a more manageable payment, you may consider debt consolidation. Create a budget and set achievable goals by using MyBalance. At no charge, you can also get debt and budget counseling with BALANCE2 at (888) 456-2227.

For assistance or more information on any LAPFCU service or feature in PATROL or our app, please don’t hesitate to call us at (877) 695-2732.

1Standard data and text message usage rates may apply. Consult your phone service carrier for more details. 2BALANCE is a nonprofit services provider that delivers financial guidance and education services through money management webinars, financial education resources and counseling services that can assist consumers with achieving financial independence. For additional information, please visit

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