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Car wrap scams are on the rise as people become more vulnerable and desperate for income during the pandemic. Here’s how it works.

A fraudster promises to pay you a couple hundred dollars if you affix an advertising wrap to your car. You are told to deposit a check and keep a portion for yourself. Then, wire the rest of the money to a company that will place the ad on your car. After the wire is complete, the check bounces because it was counterfeit. So, your share from that check and the wired funds are gone, leaving you in debt and trying to pay back your bank for the fake check.

Regardless of the angle, many scams have the same red flags to watch out for. Here are a few that will help you immediately spot a scam.

  1. Any “get rich quick” or “make easy money” message
  2. Urgent request to deposit a check or wire money
  3. Asking for your personal information, PIN, one-time passcode, or log in credentials

To learn more helpful security tips and information, visit our Security Center. You can also enroll in fraud and credit monitoring services through FraudScout* with exclusive LAPFCU discounts.

For any fraud-related assistance, call us at (877) 695-2732.


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