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Please print, complete, sign, date and mail all forms to:


Attention: Member Services
P.O. Box 10188
Van Nuys, CA 91410

If you have any questions regarding these forms, please contact us at 877-695-2732.

Address Change Request
Authorization for Periodic Transfer(s)
Account Closing Authorization
ACH Origination Form
ACH Stop Payment
Affidavit of Attorney in Fact
Cashier’s Check Stop Payment
CCPA Request to Delete or Know Information
Custodial Share Account Agreement
Direct Deposit Authorization Card
Domestic Partnership Affidavit
IRA – Beneficiary Designation
IRA – Traditional IRA Application
IRA – Traditional IRA Contribution and Investment Selection
IRA – Traditional IRA Contribution Eligibility
IRA – Traditional IRA Withdrawal Authorization
IRA – Roth IRA Application
IRA – Roth IRA Contribution and Investment Selection
IRA – Roth IRA Contribution Eligibility
IRA – Roth IRA Withdrawal Authorization
IRA – Required Minimum Distribution Scheduled Payment Election
LACERS (Civilian Direct Deposit)
LAPFCU Membership Application
Loan Data Change Request
Member Account Agreement and Disclosure
Member Hardship Form
Mortgage Loan Subordination Request Form
Mortgage Pre-Disclosure
Overdraft Protection Opt Out
Overdraft Protection
Password Request Form
Request for Change in Visa Credit Card Account
Request for Stop Payment
Switch Kit
Trust Account Signature Card
Trust and Fiduciary Agreement
Visa Balance Transfer Request
Written Statement Of Unauthorized Debit (ACH)