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  • What is HomeAdvantage?

    HomeAdvantage┬« is a detailed database that will help you find up-to-date info on homes and agents. Plus, when you pick one of our approved real estate agents, you’ll get HomeAdvantage Cash Rewards*.

    • Completely free for all members
    • Get cash rewards when you sell
    • Enjoy a wealth of homebuying information
    • Find highly qualified agents

    Homebuying made simple

    Get help with every homebuying step by using HomeAdvantage’s free resources.

    1. View listings

    2. Get facts

    3. Find agents

Save big

LAPFCU homebuyers and sellers have saved over $173,000 rebates since the HomeAdvantage program began.

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*HomeAdvantage is available to you through your membership with LAPFCU. Cash Rewards are available to members who register to use HomeAdvantage and who use a real estate agent in the HomeAdvantage network to buy or sell their home. Using LAPFCU for a mortgage is not a requirement to earn Cash Rewards. Cash Rewards amounts are dependent on the commissions paid to the agent. LAPFCU may have specific rules on how your Cash Rewards will be paid out. Cash Rewards are void where prohibited by law or the lender. Please consult with your credit union to get details that may affect you.