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    No one likes to think about what happens after they’re gone, but preparing now is the best way to secure your loved ones’ future. We’ve partnered with Trust & Will* to provide you with an exclusive Member discount on quick, easy, and thorough estate planning services.

    • Create a will and/or trust online, with exclusive discounts and expert help.
    • Less expensive and faster than working with an attorney.
    • All documents are legally valid and state-specific.
    • Your information is safe with optimal security encryption.
    • U.S.-based support is available 6 days a week via chat or email. Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m. PT; Saturday, 7 a.m.-2 p.m. PT
    • LARFPA members can get reimbursed up to $600 toward a new estate plan.**




    Less expensive than working with an attorney,
    plus get 10% off a plan of your choice.


    Complete online in as little as 30 minutes.


    Support and personalized guidance available.


  • FAQS

    Q: Why do I need an estate plan, and what is included?

    A: An estate plan helps specify your wishes during your lifetime and after your death. Get peace of mind knowing you are easing the legal and financial burden on your family during a time of grieving.


    A plan can include the following:


    • WILL: Plan for what happens after your death, secure your family, and help distribute your assets how you choose.

    • TRUST: Take more control over your plan during your lifetime and after death to avoid the cost and burden of probate.

    > PROBATE is a legal process to distribute a deceased person’s estate; most people prefer to avoid it because of the cost and time required.

    -Your ESTATE includes all property, possessions, financial securities, cash, and other assets you own or have a controlling interest in.

    -During the probate process, all your assets must be located and assessed for total value. Then, taxes and debts are paid and the remaining value of the estate is distributed.

    -The entire probate process could take a year and a half or more.

    • HEALTHCARE DOCUMENTS: Specify your medical and non-medical wishes in case you are unable to make your own decisions during your lifetime. Name your Power of Attorney.


    Q: What’s the difference between a will and a trust?

    A: WILL: This simple document allows you to name guardians for children and pets, designate where assets go, and specify final arrangements. It does have some drawbacks: it offers limited control over asset distribution and often has to go through a lengthy and costly probate process after death.


    TRUST: Like a will, a trust specifies asset distribution, but provides greater control over when and how your assets are distributed. Trusts are a bit more complex to set up, but can help minimize or avoid probate entirely, which can justify the additional work upfront. (Probate is lengthy and costly).

    Q: When should I create or revise an estate plan?

    A: You might need a new or revised plan following major life events, such as:

    • Change in marital status

    • Having a child or grandchild

    • Buying a home

    • Buying a second home or a home in another state

    • Retirement planning

    Q: Do I need a certain amount of assets to create a will or trust?

    A: An estate plan is for everyone – whether you have large or small assets, children or pets, a spouse or partner, or fall anywhere in between. A solid estate plan helps carry out your final wishes and can help keep your estate out of probate court.

    Q: How long will it take to set up my estate plan?

    A: Depending on complexity and individual goals, you can usually create an estate plan in as little as 30-45 minutes.

    Q: What is the estate plan creation process?

    A: Pick a plan. You can take a quick quiz to determine which plan fits your needs.

    • Complete documents in as little as 20 minutes.

    • Ship documents for free.

    • Sign and notarize documents at your convenience. Mobile notary options are available.

    • Share a digital copy of your plan with loved ones or financial advisors.

Give your family peace of mind, knowing you have a plan in place.

  • Name guardians for minor children and pets.
  • Decide who will receive specific assets.
  • Create a healthcare directive and name power of attorney.
  • Set up end-of-life arrangements.
  • Minimize future expenses and reduce estate taxes.
  • Avoid lengthy and costly probate (with a trust-based plan).


Not sure which plan is right for you? Use these helpful resources:

Questions? Call us @ (877) 695-2732


**Trust & Will is a modern digital estate planning services provider. Trust & Will is offering a 10% discount on estate plans specifically for LAPFCU members. No promo code required, the 10% discount is automatically applied at checkout to the initial purchase of a will- or trust-based estate plan. Subsequent plan upgrades are not eligible for a discount. Please visit for additional information.

**Trust & Will is a modern digital estate planning services provider. Customer support is available 6 days a week via chat or email: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m. PT; Saturday, 7 a.m.-2 p.m. PT. You may also call (866) 908-7878.

^The Los Angeles Retired Fire & Police Benevolent Association (LARFPA) will reimburse its dues-paying members up to $600 towards developing an estate plan. The $600 reimbursement offer is for dues-paying LARFPA members only and is not associated with LAPFCU and/or Trust & Will. Contact LARFPA for details and how to qualify: 0723-066