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About Us

  • About Us


    A Proud History of Service

    Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union has proudly served law enforcement employees and their families since 1936. At LAPFCU, you’re not just another account number—you’re a member/owner of a not-for-profit organization that has your best interests at heart.

    As a credit union, we are owned by our members, who elect a Board of Directors from our membership to establish policies and appoint a president to implement such policies. We don’t have to answer to outside owners or stockholders. This lets us offer you superior financial services and products, at much better rates.





    Our Mission


    To enhance the quality of life for the law enforcement community by serving as a trusted partner, providing rewarding financial solutions through exceptional service.

    Financial Stability


    We are committed to transparency and continued financial stability, and we make our decisions with those values in mind. View our financial highlights and annual report*.

    • *The annual report can be downloaded to your computer and printed. In order to access the Annual Report, you must have Acrobat Reader 5® or greater installed. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5® or greater, you can download your free software for viewing and printing.

  • Management



    Our Board of Directors is 100% member-elected. Many of our board members are current or former law enforcement officers.




    Board of Directors



    Andre Plummer
    Julie Raffish
    Vice Chair
    Tyler Izen
    Clifford Ruff
    Michel Moore
    Rosalind Curry
    Lorie Taylor
    Glynn Martin
    Michael Albanese
    Amira Eppolito
    G.J. “Jerry” Bichlmeier
    Director Emeritus
    James Howley


    Supervisory Committee


    Glynn Martin
    Chair, Supervisory Committee
    Luz GloriosoLuz Glorioso
    Johnny Gil


    Associate Directors


    Bill Young


    Executive Management


    John Roemer
    Julie Kim
    Avo Mkhitaryan
    SVP, Operations & Member Relations/COO
    Dave Hanighen
    SVP, Chief Information Officer
     Carrie Padden
    VP, Business Intelligence, Payments, & Account Servicing
    Jeffrey Morgan
    VP, Risk Management
    Linda Wong
    VP, Loan Services
    Matthew Dalton
    VP, Marketing & Business Development
    Steven Mickelson
    VP, Member Experience & Services
    Bridget Graham
    Vice President of People
    Peter Punsudjaritthai
    Vice President of Finance