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Text & SMS Banking

Stay on top of your accounts

  • Custom commands and notifications

    You can set up your phone with text commands to make any basic banking tasks a breeze. Receiving alerts via text message is also one of the fastest ways to be notified of potential fraud. LAPFCU offers multiple text banking options* so you can immediately block unauthorized purchases or check account balances.

    • Send transfers and check balances
    • Set alerts for debit and credit cards
    • Customize your notifications
    • Stop potential fraud

    Immediate responses

    Using text banking is easy and means you’ll get an immediate response to your commands.

    1. Set up your phone

    2. Text commands to 454545

    3. Check balances and more with just a text

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  • FAQS

    What text commands are available?

    BAL – Primary balance

    LAST – Last 5 transactions

    TRANS – Transfer funds to primary account

    STOP – Deactivate service

    HELP – Help keywords



Questions? Call us 877-695-2732


*Standard text message or data usage charges may apply. For details, please contact your phone service carrier.