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  • Community

    LAPFCU was created by and for law enforcement. Our mission is to enhance your quality of life! We are always looking for opportunities to get involved and support our law enforcement family.

    One way we give back to the law enforcement community is by helping our young members pay for college through our scholarship program. We also sponsor and host numerous fundraisers that directly support L.A. County law enforcement-related events and causes.

    Learn more by visiting the tabs above:

    • Blue Ribbon Trust Accounts
    • Sponsorships and Events
    • LAPFCU Employee Community Outreach

    Also, LAPFCU members can now donate online to over a million verified charities, including organizations supporting law enforcement through GoodCoin1. Conveniently find verified charities in one place, manage your contributions, and track your donations over time. Plus, if you have an LAPFCU Platinum Rewards Visa® credit card, you can earn one reward point for each dollar donated to a charity. To get started, create your free account here.


    1GoodCoin is a nonprofit services provider that enables donors to manage their charitable donations to any 501(c)3 nonprofit organization as a portfolio through an online donation platform. For additional information and the terms and conditions, please visit 0720-12


  • Blue Ribbon Trust Accounts
    • If you know a Los Angeles Police Department employee in need and would like to set up a Blue Ribbon trust fund in that person’s name, please contact LAPRAF’s Operations Manager, Brenda Mata at (213) 674-3703 or

    LAPFCU’s Blue Ribbon trust fund accounts provide financial assistance to our law enforcement community and their families facing financial difficulties as a result of personal crisis.

    This is an easy and convenient way to organize monetary donations1 in one place. Plus, 100% of the money raised is given to the recipient. Blue Ribbon trust accounts are administered by the Los Angeles Police Relief and Assistance Foundation.

    Any questions regarding Blue Ribbon trust accounts, please call Brenda at (213) 674-3703.

    View the current list of Blue Ribbon trust accounts below.

    Elaine Morales
    Account number: 2080491 S4.58
    Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Elaine Morales”
    Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Elaine Morales”

    Manuel Moreno
    Account number: 2080491 S4.55
    Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Manuel Moreno”
    Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Manuel Moreno”

    Rosalind Cummings
    Account number: 2080491 S4.54
    Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Rosalind Cummings”
    Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Rosalind Cummings”

    Valentin Martinez
    Account number: 2080491 S4.50
    Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Valentin Martinez”
    Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Valentin Martinez”

    Armando Medina
    Account number: 2080491 S4.49
    Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Armando Medina”
    Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Armando Medina”

    Lashawn Robins
    Account number: 2080491 S4.48
    Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Lashawn Robins”
    Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Lashawn Robins”

    Richard De La Torre
    Account number: 2080491 S4.47
    Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Richard De La Torre”
    Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Richard De La Torre”

    David S. Lopez
    Account number: 2080491 S4.46
    Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon David S. Lopez”
    Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for David S. Lopez”

    Felix Juarez
    Account number: 2080491 S4.45
    Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Felix Juarez”
    Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Felix Juarez”

    Elida Pena
    Account number: 2080491 S4.44
    Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Elida Pena”
    Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Elida Pena”

    Emily Raupp
    Account number: 2080491 S4.43
    Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Emily Raupp”
    Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Emily Raupp”

    Miriam L. Alvarado
    Account number: 2080491 S4.42
    Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Miriam L. Alvarado”
    Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Miriam L. Alvarado”

    Rodolfo Ramirez
    Account number: 2080491 S4.41
    Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Rodolfo Ramirez”
    Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Rodolfo Ramirez”

    Felicia McAdams
    Account number: 2080491 S4.39
    Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Felicia McAdams”
    Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Felicia McAdams”


    1Blue Ribbon Trust donations are not tax deductible. 0620-54


  • Sponsorships and Events

    For over 20 years, LAPFCU has supported various law enforcement activities within Los Angeles County through our sponsorship program. We donate to 170+ events and causes annually that directly benefit the L.A. County law enforcement community. Past sponsorships include: Baker to Vegas, Police Unity Tour, Universal Law Enforcement Family Night, True Blue Gala, LASD Chili Cook Off, Golf Fundraisers, Agency or Station Holiday Parties, and many more. 

    To submit a sponsorship request, or if you know of an opportunity that aligns with our sponsorship program, please email us at: You can also complete the form below and click Submit, or mail it to:

    ATTN Natalie Nahas
    Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union
    P.O. Box 10188
    Van Nuys, CA 91410-0188

    Sponsorship Request

    First form for sponsorships
    • Please explain how it benefits the L.A. County law enforcement community.
    • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, pdf, doc, png.
      Upload flyer (optional):



  • LAPFCU Employee Community Outreach



    Through LAPFCU’s community outreach program, staff members organize monthly fundraisers and participate in numerous events that support law enforcement causes and charities. We give back to various organizations including 999 for Kids, Los Angeles Police Department Family Support Group, Los Angeles Police Cancer Support Group, and more.