Blue Ribbon Trust Accounts

Create an account that accepts donations for LAPD officers and family members with financial difficulties. LAPFCU will administer it at no charge, giving 100% of the money to people who need it.

Make a donation to assist an LAPD officer or colleague in need

We created Blue Ribbon trust accounts to collect donations for LAPD personnel and families who are facing financial difficulties due to a personal crisis. We're proud to play our small part, and we salute all donors for their compassion and generosity

  • Easy and convenient way to organize monetary donations1 in one place.
  • No service fees, so 100% of the money raised goes to the intended recipient (unlike other fundraising platforms).
  • Blue Ribbon accounts are administered by the Los Angeles Police Relief and Assistance Foundation.

Current Accounts

Young Honor
Account number: 5831087590
Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Young Honor”
Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Young Honor”

Rea Silva
Account number: 5831083605
Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Rea Silva”
Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Rea Silva”

Blanca Rivas
Account number: 5831049342
Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Blanca Rivas”
Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Blanca Rivas”

Darrell Cunningham
Account number: 5830995843
Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Darrell Cunningham”
Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Darrell Cunningham”

Isabella Saeedy
Account number: 5830869254
Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Isabella Saeedy”
Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Isabella Saeedy”

Jennifer Koskelin
Account number: 5831049920
Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Jennifer Koskelin”
Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Jennifer Koskelin”

Jerry Sandoval
Account number: 5830896942
Mail to “Attn: Blue Ribbon Jerry Sandoval ”
Make checks payable to “Blue Ribbon Trust for Jerry Sandoval”

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